Stretchable Electronics

Fitting Electronics on non flat surfaces

Last update: April 19, 2019, 2:06 p.m.

Flexible and stretchable electronics are becoming increasingly important in many emerging applications. Due to the outstanding electrical properties of single crystal semiconductors, there is great interest in ways to develop stretchable electronics that offer performance of conventional wafer-based devices but with the ability to be deformed in arbitrary shapes. An emerging research direction is stretchable electronics, which combines the electronic performance of conventional wafer-based semiconductor devices and mechanical properties of a rubber band. Favorably the devices should be able to conform without compromising the electrical characteristics, e.g., conductivity. Compatibility with well developed, high performance inorganic electronic materials represents a key advantage in stretchable electronics. The main challenge is the mismatch between the soft and elastic requirements of applications and the intrinsic hard and rigid features of inorganic materials.


Our research group in MBTechLab focuses on developing cost-effective and high-performance electronics on flexible substrates (e.g. PDMS) to fabricate healthcare and wearable systems. We develop materials and technologies for stretchable electronics and also study fundamental mechanics to improve our understanding of the underlying mechanical characteristics.


Our technology has proved to be successful in the field of waterproof electronics as well. The flexible/stretchable electrical circuity can be drown in water for hours without losing its favorable electrical characteristics.


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