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We are focused on innovative research to deliver results on the ground. We are developing micro fabrication technologies to bring new devices into the market.

Most of the topics that we are working on can be categorized under the name of the microsystems or more generally MEMS. Mostly we are interested to fabricate scientifically invaluable devices that are interesting to the market as well.

In order to fullfill our research goals we are mostly working on non-Si substrates preferably polymers to realize inexpensive devices. Since this lab is located in the electrical engineering faculty of AmirKabir University of Technology, we are very competitive in the fields of microfabrication, analog / digital electronics, computer / hardware programming.

Most of the devices that we are fabricating need multi disciplinary research. For this to happen we are actively and openly collaborating with ingenious scientists from various fields of expertise including: biomedical, biochemistry, mechanical, chemistry, etc. In case you think that you can collaborate with us fabricating something useful drop us a line. You can reach to our PIs in the People section. We would be more than happy to concoct something valuable !

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